Badass Parents Retell Heart-stopping Accidental Home Birth in Tweets (Pt. 1)


Aniyia Williams and her husband Marcos Rogers are excited with their baby’s dude date so close. Aniyia, the CEO of her own startup Tinsel, and Marco, a web developer, counted the days and geared up for the delivery when her contractions began making themselves felt five days early.

So after the ordeal, Marcos took to Twitter to tell their story. We’ve never read a more intense story to light up the start of our 2016.

@operaqueenie is Aniyia, by the way. Oh yeah, and did I mention that neither of them are doctors? Brace yourselves.

It’s always good to be open to have a Plan B.


So, everything’s still pretty chill.

So, remember the name, parents-to-be: Full Term.

Just in case you’re wondering what a birthing ball is, here ya go.

Wow. Pretty chill so far. And then…

Here we go.

So. Much. Respect.

Oh boy.

“Oh sure, let me get back to work on my startup while I hang on through freakin’ strong contractions, NBD.” this lady is the real deal, folks. Badass AF.

“Oh, okay, I’m sure I could wait a bit longer while I’m in the throes of pain and am about to pop another human being out here.”

Having reference on hand is always helpful.

Can we just please give all the props to Aniyia for being such a super trooper through all this?

At this point, Aniyia steps in to share her half of the story.

And back to Marco —

Back to Aniyia —

Birth Mode frackin’ ON.

Marco is doing his best to keep it together and get things done:

Marco, you’re the best.

And how’s Aniyia through all this?


OF COURSE! OMG, the book.



We’re not done yet, folks! Stay for the heart-stopping end to this birth in Part 2!

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