Science quips and soundbites on #OHatCES

CES 2016 has become a paradise of sorts for tech lovers everywhere, and we’re practically just a couple of weeks into the new year. Were there any quotable quotes to be heard? You bet!

#OHatCES is teeming with funny or revealing quips snatched up by attentive ears over at the Nevada convention. Allow us to give you a sampler of all the quotes:

With #OHatCES, someone got very concerned about a doggie do-over for the entire planet:

And then there were some parents on the floor who sighed in relief.

Well, that’s one way to get some truly unique service.


When you realize the futility of wi-fi in a jam-packed space.

There are some folks who do acknowledge that yes, Murphy’s Law still does take effect even in the face of cutting-edge tech.

But… aren’t they kinda the same thing…?

We do hope that passport and owner got reunited.

Amidst all the tech and futuristic wonders, people just wanted to lie down for a bit.

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