Yes, You’re Looking at a Tortoise Photobomb

We’ve all seen our fair share of “animal photobombs.” There’s that classic stingray pic, of course, and many others–involving everything from dogs and miniature horses to penguins and seals. Way back in 2014, we told you about a shark that photobombed a surfing contest. Well, ladies and gentlemen (and gender-fluid individuals), we have a new addition for you. Please welcome this photogenic tortoise into the club.

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That’s right. You’re looking at a tortoise photobomb. The image was originally posted to Imgur and, of course, ended up on the front page of Reddit. Thus far, the posts have been very well received–inspiring quips like “slowest photobomb ever” from Imgur user docendodiscimus and “So, what was it like to meet Mitch McConnell?” from PrincessAris.

In case you’re wondering, this is what U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell looks like:

MItch McConnell

In the interest of fairness, PrincessAris isn’t the first person to notice the politician’s resemblance to certain shelled reptiles.


Anyway, back to the real turtle…er, McConnell… er, I mean tortoise.

Apparently, Reddit thinks the woman in the photo resembles Emma Watson (for entirely understandable reasons, Reddit seems obsessed with the ‘Harry Potter’ actress). One novelty acccount called “Your Post As A Movie” posted this beautifully designed movie poster (with a starring role for Ms. Watson, of course) using the OP’s image.


Fantastic work, but as /u/l3ane points out: “That’s a tortoise you assh*le!”

Emma Watson, or whoever this actually is, is one lucky woman. I wish adorable, photogenic giant tortoises would come up to me while I’m at the beach. Instead my very presence seems to turn an isolated spot along the shores into the location of three (or more) simultaneous family reunions from three (or more) separate families. Maybe I need to try a different beach.

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