Reddit Is Publishing A Book And It’s Awesome

ama sessions

Reddit is called the front page of the Internet for a good reason, it offers hilarious, insightful and unique stories, photos and videos from all corners of the web. Whether you want to get updated on world events or kill a few hours, Reddit is where you go. With thousand of subreddits for every topic imaginable, one of their most popular is their Ask Me Anything sessions. Celebrities, interesting people and others make themselves available to answer questions submitted by Reddit users. Big names have hosted AMA sessions, from Ronda Rousey and Patrick Stewart to Marilyn Manson and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Millions have been entertained by these online Q & A sessions, so what better way to commemorate it then publishing all of this content into one hardcover book. Yep, that’s right. Reddit is taking the best of AMA sessions and compiling it into a book that you can buy.

ama sessions

Yes, for $35 you can read these transcripts at any time. Wait, can’t you read them for free anytime on the actual website? The website promises this book will be worth it, with the addition of user-submitted artwork and pictures too. Plus, it’s only $5 for the Kindle version, so it might be worth checking out.

One thing is for sure, these 400 pages will make sure some of the best moments of Internet history will live on forever. You know, in case the Internet disappears or something.

Will you be purchasing this book?

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