New TV Series Inspired By Tinder Tales [Video]

Tales From Tinder
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Tinder has created several great dating stories, from creepy and hilarious to romantic and creative. Whatever the type of tale, the popular dating app is behind a lot of great material about dating apps.

One Australian TV producer has discovered the gold mine of entertainment material in the online dating world and is using the stories to create a new web series, entitled Tales From Tinder. Emma Watts explained in an interview that whether people are using the app to find their soulmate or a random hookup, the app doesn’t disappoint. She explains that Tinder is being used in very creative ways, like one band that was looking to attract more female groupies.

“The band members jumped on Tinder at the last minute, matched with lots of girls and invited them to the show,” says creator of the Tales From Tinder web series, Emma Watts.

She also shared the stories of other users that are looking for something a little different from love or lust.

“We’ve also had a few stories of uni students using various dating apps to get a free fancy meal from older women they’ve approached online, as well as trolls who use dating apps as a kind of amusement – targeting people they think are arrogant or full of themselves and ‘bringing them back down to earth’.”

All of the tales are told by users anonymously and the stories are comedically acted out by puppets. Watts explains this type of approach makes people more likely to share their dating encounters.

Besides this web series, Watts has worked on a number of successful projects, such as The Voice and MasterChef. With the success of Tales From Tinder, Watts is embarking on another series, No Strings Attached, which will premiere on Australian this year.

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