Artists Recreate Scenes From “The Shining” In Gingerbread

So: “The Shining” + gingerbread houses, because nothing really says Christmas quite like Murder. I mean, REDRUM.

Imgur user agkeeling posted a gallery of photos on the social image site of what could possibly be one of the best Christmas celebrations of Kubrickesque insanity and murder. I mean, we’ve seen scenes recreated from the horror classic done with food, but a whole gingerbread hotel and rooms to house each scene? Absolutely mind-blowing.

So let us take you on a visual tour of the place.


The sheer size and scale of the model is absolutely jaw-droppingly awesome. The hedge maze is made out of rice krispies, and the snow out of powdered sugar.


The walls are covered in fondant and icing, the roof with quinoa and more powdered sugar. The stained glass windows are made out of melted Jolly ranchers. If you’re eagle-eyed, you can even spot a number of horrible things about to happen at this distance.


Like this one. Oh dear.


“Come play with us, Danny. forever and ever and ever.” Oh, and the wallpaper is printed on edible paper, btw.


“Heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!” check out the silvery sheen on that kitchen knife. Also, the horror on Wendy’s face. She is all of us.


Recognize the number of this room? You don’t want to see what’s happening in the bathroom. All art and carpeting are printed on edible paper.


A view of the three-storey ballroom illuminated with UV light. Oh, and a screaming Wendy surrounded by gingerbread skeletons on the lowest left window.


And it just won’t be complete without an elevator releasing a deluge of blood — in this case, it’s some finely melted and molded red Jolly Ranchers. Tasty, tasty murder.

You can check out more of this fabulously edible Overlook hotel over on the page.

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