Showry’s Christmas Dance Goes Horribly Wrong


Remember how last month, we covered Korean vlogger Showry and her crazy dance antics?

Well, she’s back to trim her tree, make it snow, and deck the halls with fire, mayo, and blood. Blood. So much blood.

But this is Showry, that cheeky, crazysexycute girl (emphasis on the “crazy”) who loves making viral videos and confusing boners everywhere. What better way to commemorate the year she went big on the interwebs than a Christmas dance video?

So first we start out with this. Perfectly adorable in a Regina-George-at-the-Christmas-program way, nothing out of the ordinary:


She’s brought out the tree and the Christmas lights, and she’s not afraid to use them.


Of course, it’s all fun and games — until someone starts painting the door in some sticky, red, liquid-y substance? Is that… blood? Lipstick? Paint? In the name of all this sane, please let it be paint. (We think her lessor is bound to get miffed, but hey, it’s Christmas, right?)

We’re getting flashbacks of “REDRUM“, but we digress. It’s Christmas. We do not speak of these sorts of things.  We wipe the evidence off our mirrors, pour ourselves a nice, tall glass of our libation of choice, and stare into the fire ignoring the screams inside our heads, Yes. This is how we celebrate Christmas.


Oh, you say Christmas isn’t complete without Santa Claus, and Santa needs a beard? You got it! It’s edible, too!


And forget the fireplace — have some fire on me. Or rather, on you: on your hair, your ugly Christmas sweater, your eggnog, on everything you love. All nicely sealed with a kiss. You’re welcome.


Watch the video below:

Are you okay? We hope you are.

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