Twitter Lets It Snow with #WinterOfficiallyBeginsSo


UK may have had their first kiss of snow earlier than the rest of the world, but #WinterOfficiallyBeginsSo is now making waves in the US’s Twittersphere.

Americans are officially Jack Frost nipping at their noses, and there’s all sorts of feelings running amok on Twitter because of this. Sure, Winter might be one of the best times of the year to light the fireplaces, break out the hot coco and eggnog, and cozy up under your warmest throw and an ugly Christmas sweater to match. For other, though, it just might be summed up into two words: “Bah, humbug”.

Winter is hibenatin’ time — both for bears and a good number of y’all out there.

And for comfort over style.

and eating. So. Much. Eating.

For other states, it’s just a whole lot wetter.

For dogs, all that white just means Heaven has come down to earth.

For cats, it’s all going to be one massive Nope.

Winter is legging season — hence, a convenient reason to extend No-shave November for a very long time.

Maybe catch up on some Game of Thrones. Winter HAS come, after all.

Even Jon Snow knows something’s up.

One word: Gore-tex.


Feature image courtesy of Greta Ceresini
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