Facebook Android App Now 200% Faster

Facebook Android App

The Facebook Android app received a big update today with the introduction of new features and major speed improvements that make it twice as fast as its predecessor. In previous versions, the app was built on top of HTML 5 which the social network found to not offer a very fast and reliable experience across multiple platforms.

Today, the Facebook Android app is now native meaning that it was built from the ground up using Android’s SDK (Software Development Kit). Here is a complete list of what’s new:

  • News feed and your Timeline load faster
  • Photos open with a tap so you can quickly like and comment
  • New Stories bar lets you see more stories without refreshing

This list of changes doesn’t sound like much but the speed improvements are what users will appreciate most. The Facebook Android app loads incredibly fast and scrolling is much faster with virtually zero lag.

The New Stories bar will display only when new updates are posted from friends or pages while you’re scrolling to catch up on older updates. The News Stories bar appears as a small gray bar right below the navigation with “New Stories” and how many new updates there are. Clicking the bar will take you back to the top of the page.

Reviews of the new Facebook Android app are coming in and here is a small sampling of what people think so far:

“This update is the greatest Fb update till now. Neat and clean UI. Responds much faster. Viewing photos is an exceptionally fast experience now. It’s there in front of you as soon as you tap on it. Different comment box opens up when you want to comment. And a lot more great changes. Now it totally deserves 5 stars.”

If you don’t have the Facebook Android app or if your phone hasn’t updated to the new version yet, you can head on over to the Play Store.

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