#BaristaProblems Roast Bad Customer Habits on Twitter


Hey, barista friends, we love you. you make our daily fix of caffeine just the way we like it with a smile and some witty banter. A double shot of that flavor we like? No problem! Want awesome latte art on your mochaccino? Easy peasy! Want to chug down something strong enough to wake your great-great-grandmother from the dead? You got it.  You’re that small slice of intellectual entertainment we get in the morning, and we appreciate that.

That’s why we just can’t fathom why customers would ever want to be mean to you. but we know you got this. You sometimes know how to express your displeasure in more creative ways beyond that simple misspelled name.

“That’s soy milk, two pumps caramel, one pump hazelnut, and one dose of lax-a-quick coming right up.”

So let us laugh along with you, baristas. You deserve the spotlight.

When you’re not your competitor, you wonder why this customer is even here.

What size? What size?!?!

We want to help you out, but seriously, what do you want us to make you?

I see what you’re trying to do, but that won’t fly here.

A full wasted cookie on the floor. *heart breaks”

It can be pretty tough not to roll eyes.

And sometimes, people just forget they have the ability to read.

We appreciate you tipping us, but sexual innuendoes don’t pay the rent. And no, just please stop.

And then there are the insane orders.

So. Much. Sugar. SUGAR.

Admit it; you don’t really like coffee; you just want a sweet cold drink.

No, I don’t think you understand what a flat white really means.

Ma’am, the laws of chemistry don’t work that way.

Empty threats? Oh sure, we love to be entertained!

If I stay real still, maybe they won’t see I’m here.

Hats off to you, baristas. May your tip jars overflow with money and awesomeness.


Image courtesy of Gratisography.com and Cristian Bortes
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