Dear Customer: Retail Employees Tweet Their Woes


Retail employees, we feel you. Having to come into work, man the cashier, pick up after customers, and just deal with customers’ (i.e., our) moments of general stupidity for a minimum wage takes out a lot on your patience, decency, and sanity levels. We respect you, and vow  to be better customers.

So allow us to read your tweets at #retailproblems and #dearcustomer. We love getting a good laugh at our expense, and this’ll teach us to be more considerate next time we shop.

We’re an insufferable lot, right from the first minute of opening time.

Gotta be nice even when people don’t respond can do things to a person. Like sharpen their sarcasm skills.

Yes, money is exchanged for good and services.

How dare this thing be so expensive! How dare you let the stock market do this, Retail person!

We sort of couldn’t care less right now, but okay.

And during the holidays? Get ready to rrrrrrumble!

and if you gotta ask, it’s just not worth it.

I see what you did there.

Manners are in shorter supply than that item you want.

Deep, calm breaths. deep, calm breaths.

But that’s okay, my squad can do things with our eyebrows.

And if an ill-mannered customer mistakes a manager for an employee? Hoooo, boy.

You know, inventory can only do so much.

And at checkout, you start to question exactly how obvious your humanity is.

and at the end of the day, it’s just one big UGH.


and the crowning glory of the retail experience:


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