Meet FLE, The Real Life Elf On the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

As kids count the weeks to Christmas, some of them put their best feet forward in the presence of a family tradition called The Elf on The Shelf. (For those of you who haven’t heard of the little guy, this little doll “watches” kids throughout the season and magically “flies” back to Santa each night to report the day’s activities and help him determine whether their charge goes on the “Nice” list or “Naughty” list.)

So essentially, these youngsters have got themselves a pint-sized sawdust sentry watching their every move, compiling a dossier on the subject for Saint Nick to call down judgement on the kid’s actions come Christmastime.

Let that sink in.

Of course, some grown-ups may find this Elf on The Shelf a touch too creepy for their own peace of mind, and the tiny guy has found himself in situations that range from adorable to downright hilarious. And then some grown-ups, Like Megan and Joe Wynberg of New Brusnwick, Canada, decided to step up their Elf game and make Christmas more memorable for their four kids.

So, Dad quite literally became the Elf on the Shelf. Hey, it’s one step closer to literally embodying the spirit of Christmas, right? Meet FLE.

No sooner had FLE made landfall, he’s started his own personal brand of havoc on the Wynberg household.

All that candy just can’t be good for him.

If flour’s good enough for the tiny version, it’s good enough for the full-sized one.

At one point, it seems Megan just couldn’t handle this madcap elf no more.

But it looks like this elf wasn’t done with her.

This crazy Elf on The shelf was thisclose to getting a restraining order.

and that’s when Megan decided to call in for some intervention.

Uh-oh. Santa ain’t gonna be too happy about this.

By Saint Nick’s beard! What is this?!

It seems another mischief maker has joined the fray.

and got on it pretty quickly, too.

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