Will Make You Nope Out Of Facebook


There are just some things on Facebook that you don’t ever want to know about your friends — Their criminal records, their sex lives, their hygiene, their fiscal records — oh yeah, and this. You may want to sit down for this.

It all starts with this one link. Don’t worry, it’s safe and “defanged” — for now.

If you are logged into Facebook , this takes you to a tab that reveals all your friends — all of them — who claim to like Donald Trump.


But wait, wait, there must be some horrible, horrible mistake. You’re probably seeing a number of people who you’ve harbored suspicions about sympathizing with the hay-haired multi-millionaire for quite a while, but your more liberal-minded friends? Political peacemakers?! your news-savviest friends?! What the heck is going on?

Okay, okay, calm down. It’s not a new concept to search Facebook for friends who be into a certain specific thing. However, this new search link has been sending people up into a flurry. Is this ample reason to start unfriending people, calling out pro-Trump people, and starting a witch-hunt?

Hold on there; you’re not Donald Trump. Pull yourself together! You’re better than this.

Every time you get mad and go out of control, Donald Trump wins. Look at that smug face.
Every time you get mad and go out of control, Donald Trump wins. Look at that smug face.

It’s actually quite possible that these friends of yours may not “like” Donald Trump per se, as in they might not really be into his speeches, his proposals, or even his infamous coif. It’s quite possible — and more reasonable, really– that just liked the presidential candidate’s Facebook page to keep abreast of his comings, goings, and spewings of rage and racism. For what, you wonder? It could be for laughs, for shocks, for work, or maybe just plain news.

I know, I know, it’s just like being unable to look away from a trainwreck. (because at this point, his politics … kinda… is?)

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