Booksellers Celebrate Civilized Saturday

Civilized Saturday

Is the crush of Black Friday Just not your thing? Civilized Saturday might be just the quiet holiday you need in your life.

Civilized SaturdayCivilized Saturday is the answer to the mad, mad dash that is Black Friday. If Thoughts of elbowing your way through throngs of rabid shoppers and fighting tooth-and-nail for the last marked-down towel make you shudder, fear not! Booksellers are here to treat you to an afternoon of quiet time.

Books, tea, crumpets, and the occassional dancing, signing, and book-balancing contest — that’s what Civilized Saturday is all about.


For the set who feel that good book and a hot cup of tea is bliss, this is just the ticket for them.

The choice is quite clear.

In certain shops, waltzing is encouraged.

Polite and witty conversation goes best with this.

As does invigorating discussion about your favorite books.

If you’re lucky, you just might score a sign with your favorite author.

Civilized Saturday is the pleasant experience to soothe one’s soul as the antidote to the holiday’s tyrannous onslaught of exhaustion and expectations.

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