Meanwhile, Black Friday in Britain is Absolute Terror (Not Really)

Black Friday

No one — and I mean, no one — could ever prepare us for the sights of Black Friday in Britain.

With Black Friday in full swing, queues — I mean, lines — of hundreds upon hundreds of people flocking to shopping malls to avail of the outrageously slashed prices and drop-dead deals. Flat-screen TVs, toys, and luxury goods were loaded into carts, with store employees hustling to restock displays and man the tills as efficiently as possible. It’s a mad, mad, mad shopping day, and the day has barely begun.

And so it seems, in Britain too.

If this is the kind of scenario Americans braved on this fateful day, what sort of insanity had been wrought in Britain’s fair isles? The crush of people was just… too much.

Sheer terror.

I can barely breath watching this footage.

It’s a practical zombie apocalypse out there.

Oh, the humanity!

What IS the world coming to?!

This scene’s enough to make you want to curl up in a corner and cry.

It’s crystal clear; consumerism has just gone too far.

I want my mommy.

The evidence is clear — extreme consumerism brings out the worst in humans. Absolutely hair-raising.

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