Bitwalking: Make Money Just For Walking

The holiday season is the upon on us, and in between all of the delicious food and irresistible gift giving, we seem to need a little more money and a lot more exercise.

A new service is helping make that a possibility. Raise your hand if you want some extra money and something to motivate you to be more active.

Meet Bitwalking. This unique service pays users ‘bitwalking dollars’ (BW$) for simply walking. The concept is very similar to Bitcoin, the popular crypto-currency. The only difference is BW$ is not earned by mining, but getting active.

Getting involved with Bitwalking is extremely easy. First, you will need to download an app that will keep track of your steps. The amount of BW$ you earn depend on many steps you take daily. The current exchange rate is 10,000 steps to 1 BW$. That may seem like a lot of steps, but people will do a lot of things for a few dollars.

Once you have earned a certain amount of BW$, you can cash out or use your profit to purchase stuff from certain online stores. Not a bad deal for those that walk a lot.

There is one catch though. Right now, Bitwalking is only available in Japan, Kenya, Malawi and the UK. Fingers crossed that it will eventually be available elsewhere.


So, you might be saying this concept sounds too good to be true. What is in it for the creators of this unique service? The makers claim that it is all about the environment. Their website states:

“Walking means less vehicles, which means less pollution for us and the planet. In addition, Bitwalking dollars (BW$) are earned by human movement, unlike other digital currencies that are mined by computers and have carbon footprint”

It seems the creators only mean well, but many experts are pointing out that the service will inevitable be used for data mining. However, for now your privacy seems secure. In their Privacy Policy, they have made it very clear that no personal information will be given to third parties.

For now, Bitwalking seems pretty legit. Could this be the next thing in crypto-currency? Their website says so:

“Bitwalking transactions are secured and direct. You can instantly transfer fund to anyone, anywhere. You’ll have complete control of your money and enjoy security features from both the cryptocurrency world and centralized management.”


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