Showry Gyrates, Makes Fruit Juice, and Other Wacky Videos

Showry is without a doubt cute as a button. She’s got a killer body and amazing dance moves. She’s the kind of girl you’d probably want to buy a drink or ask for her number — and then you watch her videos.

With this level of zaniness, you know she’s definitely the kind of gal you’d want to bring home to mom.

Told you so.

Showry is one of 2015’s most hilarious youtubers, and her videos have been popping up almost everywhere on Facebook. Seriously; we’re willing to bet our next lunch you’ll have at least one friend or acquaintance who’s shared one of her off-kilter videos. You might as well share it too; you won’t regret it.

Not a lot is known about Showry, save for the fact that she’s tagged herself as an entertainer and and advertising service on her Facebook page — which, by the way, already has accumulated 115,000+ likes and rising. Seriously, we can’t think of a better way to advertise your drink or food business than with a scintillating video of her preparing your best sub:

A pretty girl, sexy dancing, delicious food — what’s not to love? Someone this ingenious to be able to cut up a tomato without a chopping board and a knife, all the while swaying her hips, ought to be given a gold medal.

Here, we think (?) she’s cheering an ode to the humble hamburger.

You know she’s the kind of girl who isn’t afraid of tears (or bad breath) when she eats an entire onion and dances the tears away like there was no tomorrow. It’s the perfect preview to a date!

Spray-on snow and ice cubes. Beat that, Elsa.

You will just fall apart at the seams with her affection.

And lastly, she’s the kind of girl who isn’t afraid to let her aroma out, and revel in it.

What a woman.

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