Carjackers Mistakenly Abduct Child, Drop Him Off at School

There’s nothing funny about getting your car stolen. At least, there’s nothing “ha-ha” funny about it. But you have to admit—there is something comical about a pair of bumbling thieves making off with your ride, only to realize they inadvertently abducted an 8 year-old boy in the process. That’s exactly what happened to one Norfolk, Virginia mother this week.

Again, it’s a situation that’s terrifying for a parent in real life, but would undoubtedly make a good plot for a buddy-crime movie starring Danny DeVito and Danny Glover (if this were the year 1997, of course). Oh, and don’t worry—the story has a happy ending. Kind of.

After realizing their mistake, the carjackers who had just finished stealing $20,000+ worth of personal property did the right thing and dropped the boy off at his school, Ghent Elementary. Police later found him there, sitting in class and apparently unphased by the event.

Grand theft auto is a serious crime, but it’s a traffic ticket compared to kidnapping. From a purely utilitarian standpoint, returning the boy to school was the right move.

In an ironic twist, it’s the boy’s mother who may be facing charges. Police weren’t too happy to hear she left him in the car with the engine running. Come on, Virginia cops, I’m sure this terrified mother has already learned her lesson.

WGN-TV reports:

“His mother’s cell phone was left in the car, so police had no trouble tracking the car with GPS, but the hijackers and kidnappers are gone. The mother may face charges because she left her son in a car with the engine running.”


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