Cat Pub Now a Thing In Bristol, UK

Fancy having a bit of a purr and a rub with your stout? If Yes, then this all-new cat pub in Bristol might be the place for you.

The Bag O’ Nails is a pub situated in Bristol UK that has come to be known not just for its hearty ales and fine spirits, but for the cats that have come to call it home. The pub houses not just one or two, but fifteen furballs of welcome cheer  and calm to its patrons, because really, there’s nothing like a purring ball of warmth and comfort on your lap by the fireplace to go with your liquor of choice.

The cats range from tortoiseshells to tabbies to Siamese. What’s even more amazing is that all these cats were born right in the pub — with one of them even  born on a crisp box in the middle of a Friday Quiz Night. Visitors have come from far and wide to snuggle up to a kitty and some beer, and the pub has earned itself a steadily growing following on Instagram.

Luke Daniels, 44, the landlord of Bag O’ Nails, is a self-confessed cat man. “We once had 24 but that was too many, it is mostly punters who have given them a new home,” he shares.

With having such a large four-legged family, Daniels is actively seeking Forever Homes for the felines. “Having the 15 probably is bit too much as the moment and costs a bit but we are hoping to give some of the kittens away by Christmas to make it bit more manageable.”

He also shares while the cats have indeed brought in a bit of luck and good business for the pub, caring for them is not all fun and games. “The cats don’t make it too messy but they do create some problems like tearing the place up a bit. We just have one litter tray upstairs…. We buy all the food in bulk, so probably spend about £50 a week, but I don’t like to think about it.”

More kittens… (Sorry) #pubcats #kittens #tinyanimals #bristol

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I’ll have a pint of ale and a cat please

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However, the pub and its cats have not entirely won every heart over with warm, fuzzy feelings. A spokesperson from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) strongly cautions against plying the felines with strong drink: “We certainly wouldn’t recommend drinkers sharing their favorite tipple with the cats, as alcohol is a poison which can cause them serious harm and suffering.”

For as long as the Bag O’ Nails’ patrons heed this advice, the cats — Absinthe, Salvador, Philomena Hercules, Hadassah, Lucifer, Boris, Rasputin, Cirrus and Stratus, Wolfgang and Therese — will be more than glad to purr and simply be their lovely selves for Daniels’ customers.


Feature image courtesy of ste_marques
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