Caffeinated Peanut Butter Could Change Your Morning

peanut butter

We don’t know about you but we love our peanut butter and we love our caffeine. Put them together and it seems like a recipe from the Gods. Caffeinated peanut butter wouldn’t just fill you up, but give that much needed boost of energy. Here’s the kicker: it’s a real thing now.

The protein-filled peanut spread was given a special kick by a company called STEEM. The company created a caffeinated version of the delicious stuff, but not everyone is on board with the product. New York Senator, Charles Schumer is against the peanut butter that contains the same amount of caffeine as about two cups of coffee. The disgruntled politician is known for his opposition to caffeine-boosted foods. In the past, Schumer has called for bans on caffeinated alcoholic beverages and powder caffeine. After hearing the news of the caffeinated peanut butter, he called the Food and Drug Administration first thing on Monday morning to order an investigation into the safety of the product. In the past, the FDA has listened to Schumer’s warners and removed some of the questioned products from shelves. Schumer says the products can be extremely dangerous.

“To think that peanut butter, one of the snacks most closely associated with children, might have to be stored in the medicine cabinet as opposed to the kitchen cabinet should serve as a jolt to the FDA.”

The brains behind the creation, STEEM quickly fired back and said they have followed every rule to make sure the consumer is safe. STEEM says the peanut butter is completely safe, if it is used as directed. STEEM is cooperating with the FDA and said they would welcome any federal oversight.

The peanut butter boasts 170 milligrams of caffeine per two tablespoon serving, it also contains electrolytes and protein. STEEM claims it is the perfect snack for athletes, active people and normal life.

STEEM’s website is selling the magical peanut butter on it’s website for $5.99 a jar. It is also available in stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The website states that the peanut butter will provide a consistent “rebound of energy that wards off fatigue and hunger for hours.”

Sounds good to us. We’ll take a jar or two.


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