Flickr iPhone App Adds Photo Filters, Sign In With Facebook Or Google

Flickr iPhone App

The Flickr iPhone app has received a major overhaul with a complete redesign and several new features. The new interface looks very modern, and instead of signing in with a Flickr account, you now have the option to sign in or sign up using Facebook or Google.

Once logged into the Flickr iPhone app, you’ll get tips on how to use and navigate the new design. For example, to favorite a photo or “fave,” simply double tap a photo. On the main screen, you’ll see all of your contact’s photos and be able to easily interact with them.

A “Groups” tab has been added which groups photos based on interest or location. Photo filters are now integrated in the Flickr iPhone app and like Twitter, they teamed up with Aviary to implement the filters.

In total, there are 16 different filters to choose from and the process is very straightforward.

  • Choose a photo in your phone’s gallery or click the camera icon in the Flickr iPhone app to take a photo.
  • Scroll through the different filters to find one you like most or just stick to the original.
  • Hit “Next” and enter a title and description.
  • Select the appropriate privacy setting, where you want the photo to be shared, and add a location if you want to.
  • Click “Upload” in the top right corner and your photo will be published.

The app allows you to share your photo with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and through email. A dedicated iPad app is rumored to be in the works. To download the new Flickr iPhone app, you can go here.

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