What Happens To Your Body When You Die [Science]

Here’s something fun just in time for Halloween — what really happens to your body when you die?

It’s gristly, it’s gory, it’s jolly good anatomical fun. Impress your friends! Be the life pf the Halloween party when you drop that knowledge. True, not everyone is keen to know what goes on once we breath our final breaths, but the process is just a vital as taking our first breaths, or even digesting. and just to get the fact straight, every second spent alive is one second closer to dying.


Boom. Mind blown. You’re welcome.

But really, though, what does happen to our cells and systems when we finally buy the farm, kick the bucket, and take the final bow? Why do our limbs go rigid?  Why does our skin turn grey? what’s the last thing to go through our minds before we snuff it?

Oh, and the thing where people say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die? Turns out it’s actually it’s your brain perceiving the passage of time and feeding you back all the memories you’ve had through the years. Thanks to neuroscience, researchers can now chart how the brain dilates time in high-stress situations, and these findings can lead to future cures for mental illnesses.

So cheer up: when we die, we’re not going to turn into this:


Nor this:


Nor definitely this:


Nature has its own unique and efficient way of breaking our components down to the barest and simplest particles, which in turn can help sustain the earth and promote new life to grow and flourish. It’s a win-win situation! Horray!


Feature Image courtesy of KaboomPics
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