“Princestagram”: Prince Returns to Instagram

… And yes, that’s exactly what he’s calling it: Princestagram. I guess he just saw the opportunity, and got up and took it.

The rare, mythical creature known as Prince (who also at some point was TAFKAP — “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” — because times change) has returned to Instagram, and whoever is running it is on fire!


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Barely four days have passed, and the Instagram account is awash in gorgeous photos, memes, and more. 78,600 followers have flocked to it already, and it hasn’t even been one week.

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Prince’s return to the Internet is actually pretty significant, as the pop singer has had a tumultuous affair with social media. He’s tried to maintain a Twitter and Facebook account, only to kiss them both goodbye. He’s even gone as far as to declare the Internet “is over”, and is destined to go the way of the dodo and MTV.


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But wait, didn’t Prince used to Insta before, or was that just my imagination? Well, he did have an Instagram account back in 2014, but deleted together with his afore-mentioned social media accounts.


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So, with this brand-new foray into the unruly waters of social media the second time around, is Prince really and truly here to stay? Will we even get to see him gif himself and his antics?

We’re quite honestly not sure, but just in case, here, have some memes, specially posted by The Great Purple One.

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