Shake It With the #Candybowl Dance Craze for Halloween

Hey parents, check this video out, and you may find yourself dancing the #Candybowl all Halloween.

The Holdernesses, the First Family of viral videos who brought you greats such as “All About That Baste” and “#XMAS JAMMIES”, is at it again with another video to get your parental groove on, and it trending like fun-size Snickers on a Trick-or-Treat night!

Uploaded just October 22 of this year, the video now has more than 28,000 views and rising. It’s so popular, fans all over the US have sent in their own versions of the #Candybowl dance video.


So parents, picture this: you come in with the groceries, bags of Halloween candy and a big Pumpkin bowl, vowing to make this the #BestHalloweenEver for your kids and their playmates ’round the block. You tell your kids no candy until Trick-or-Treat night… but who watches the watchmen when no one’s watching?

Ah, yes, the struggle is real.

Let me see your Candybowl!

Long before their viral stardom status, the Holderness family had no idea how their videos would take them to become the household names they are now. Penn and Kim Holderness, a news anchor and reporter respectively, made the leap, quit their jobs, and went into making viral videos full time. Ever since their “Xmas Jammies” video boomed on Youtube, they now make similar videos for other companies, and the fun just never stops. They now also are the stars of their own reality TV Show, and are still going strong.

All the best to you, Kim, Penn, Lola and Penn Jr.! Enjoy yourselves, stay safe trick-or-treating, and comtinue to be awesome and share your candy. You too, parents; you too.

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