Be a Child Of The Night With These Custom Vampire Fangs

If you’re an avid vampire lover, you’re gonna love these customized fang-tastic pearly whites.

FatherSebastiaan“For me, it’s an art form, it’s a passion; I love making fangs,” says Father Sebastiaan Van Houten, an author, impressario, and one of the leading authorities on vampire lore and history. He is a respected figure in the “Vampyre culture”, and has written many books on its virtues and lifestyle. Based in Paris, France, he also creates customized fangs for vampire enthusiasts who seek him out. He has been a fangsmith for 20 years and counting, and his very first client was the very person who introduced him to vampire culture — his mother.

“My mother was my first customer,” Sebastiaan shares with The Huffington Post. “She is my muse. She introduced me to Tom Cruise when she showed me an article about how he was losing weight to play Lestat in ‘Interview With A Vampire’. That’s when I fell in love with vampire culture.” Dentistry also runs in his blood; “”My grandfather was an orthodontist, my aunt is a practicing dentist and I’m a trained dental technician,” he says.

Father Sebastiaan creates every pair of cuspids specially fitted for his clients based on a mold of their own teeth. Customers may choose from a variety of styles, from the Classic, to the Lilith, multiple pairs such as the Sabres, Beast, and Sabrewolf. One may even elect to go cross-genre and get the Steampunk, featuring fangs fitted with a tiny bronze gear on the cap’s surface.


Before his customers are allowed to venture out into the world with fangs for the first time, Father Sebastiaan gives them clear instructions on the proper use and care of their beloved cuspids. He says while it is not recommended to eat with their fangs on, smoking, drinking, (and with some practice), talking comes easy. He cautions against wearing the fangs for more than twelve hours, as well as sleeping in with them. With roper care, these custom=made dental acrylic caps can last for as long as 2-3 years, and some clients have been known to come back to him after a good long 10 years.


Aside from being a great tool for socialization, Father Sebastiaan has high praises for the fangs as pickups, foreplay, and delightful sex toys. He recommends some light nibble play, but please, no biting and no drawing blood. He writes a note of caution on his site: “Human saliva contains bacteria and is horrible for open wounds. These fangs are for theatrical purposes only! Human saliva is much dirtier than dog saliva, if you break the skin bring your victim to the hospital IMMEDIATELY to get a tetanus shot.”

Watch the fangsmith perform his craft below:

A recent video made about my fang business…

Posted by Father Sebastiaan on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Images courtesy of Father Sebastiaan on Facebook
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