How To Use A Rifle To Carve A Pumpkin [Video]

It’s that time of the year to carve some pumpkins, but who wants to get their hands dirty on all of that gourd gunk? Fortunately for us, one man is showing us there is an easy and quick way to carve up your halloween pumpkins. All you need is a rifle. Yep, a loaded rifle.

This gun-wielding genius is Youtuber, Hickok45 and it seems he has become quite the expert in using his weapon for his fall decorating. He displays his skills by using his rifle to shoot a smiley face into his pumpkin. He points out the silliness of using a dangerous knife to carve a pumpkin. Do it the safe way and shoot bullets at it, duh.

The video seems to be associated with

The video has jumped in views with just a little more than one million at the time of this post. And if pumpkin shootings are your thing, there are plenty of more videos on Hickok45’s channel.

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