Man Dresses As Kim Jong Un; Comments Abound

Sometimes when one of your friends gets dressed as a famous person and goes out to public spaces on a lark, it can be a lot of fun just hanging out with them, just to see (1) if anyone does end up recognizing who your friend’s dressed as, (2) any sort of reaction the get-up will elicit, or (3) what kind of hijinks your friend will be open to trying, because who ever said Halloween has to be a once-a-year thing?

Now how about pushing the envelope, and cosplaying as someone infamous? How infamous — Hitler? No, no, too ancient. Charles Manson? Too wierd (and would anyone even recognize him?)

How about Kim Jong Un?

Because someone in the Philippines actually dressed up as him, down to the hairstyle and the badge, and went out to have some sushi while a friend captured the moment.

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Said friend posted it to Imgur and later shared it on Reddit, and the comments came a-flowing.

Some viewers began to have plot bunnies over the image:




and others began making digs against the infamous dictator.



And one commenter made a reference.

Referencing ,a href="">this scene.
Referencing this scene.

So, what exactly was the occasion for the get-up? Apparently, this cheeky cosplayer and his friend attended an anime convention nearby.


Surprisingly, it seems very few people actually batted an eyelash over the costume. (or has Mr. Kim become the punchline to their whole concept?)


You’d be surprised that for that many people at a convention, you’d be hard-pressed to find at least a handful of folks who’d recognize the public figure. Why? Because, oh, what’s a few controversies behind the border, along with nuke-like installations in children’s playgrounds, and the country’s supreme Leader PR calling Obama “that monkey”?

Love it or hate it, this picture has made its waves online.

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