Some Women Say No Way To #NoBraDay

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#NoBraDay is celebrated every October 13 to raise awareness for breast cancer. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it seems only fitting. This day asks women to lose their bra for a day and post a picture in the hopes of getting more conversations started about breast cancer. But as thousands of women snap their own braless selfie, many others are crying out against the holiday. #NoBraDay has sparked controversy as some argue that the notion of braless women is sexualizing a very serious issue. One social media meme going around explains that parading a pair of healthy boobs around doesn’t do anything for the ta-tas that are suffering.

I mean, many Twitter users were a bit perturbed, to say the least.

Some were straight up offended and pissed.

While many of this social media stunts have been successful at raising awareness for serious cause (such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge), #NoBraDay doesn’t seem to be doing much. Successful social media campaigns, such as the ice bucket challenge, were created and promoted by legit organizations and charities. It is unclear where this no bra campaign even came from. Many speculate it came from a clever perv.

Instead of nipple-baring selfies, how about uploading something that could save a life from breast cancer? Like this chart on how to give your self a breast exam.

Are you looking for a better way to show your support for the battle against this horrible disease? Maybe you don’t have extra money to donate, how about these clever ways to help raise awareness.

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