Florida Man Tragically Mistakes Super Glue for Woman’s Eye Drops

A Florida woman’s eye has been glued shut after someone mistook super glue for her eye drops.

Ever read a news story that makes you cringe all over? It’s hard to think of a more fitting example than this piece of horrifying news coming out of Florida: a women’s eye has been glued shut after someone mistook a bottle of super glue for her eye drops. Eek!

The unfortunate incident occurred when Katherine Gaydos passed by a man using a leaf blower. After debris blew into her eye, she asked him to reach into her purse and retrieve her Visine. Tragically, the man grabbed a tiny bottle of super glue instead. The glue, which Gaydos used for applying false fingernails, was then squirted into her eye.

Gaydos says she instantly felt something was wrong, as the chemical burned and began to bond with her eyelid.

“As soon as I felt it burn, I closed my eye and screamed and called 911,” she told WPBF. Soon, the glue had completely sealed her eye closed.

Thankfully, doctors say the incident shouldn’t cause permanent damage to Gaydos’ vision. According to WPBF:

“A doctor used lidocaine to force her eye open. She is scheduled for a procedure on Friday to get the glue scraped off her cornea. Doctors told Gaydos she should not experience any permanent vision loss due to the accident.”

Still, the experience alone must have been terrible. Let this be a lesson to all of us: don’t keep eye drops and super glue in the same purse. Or at the very least, don’t trust strangers to know the difference.

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