Awesome New Punctuation Marks Everybody Should Use

Do you often struggle to get your point across? Maybe you’re frequently misunderstood by people who assume you’re always being sarcastic or disingenuous? Perhaps you just plain want better control over how other people read what you write. Well, College Humor has good news for you. Introducing eight punctuation marks that are sure to improve the English language for the better. What are you waiting for?∪ Check them out:


Which one of the new punctuation marks is your favorite? Personally, we like the sarcastisis best. These punctuation marks may have been proposed in jest, but there are a lot of real ones that we don’t use nearly enough, including one for denoting sarcasm! It’s called the “snark mark.” It doesn’t require any special software to use it, either. Just type a period followed by a tilde, like this: .~

Obviously, the snark mark has been adopted by people across the globe, because pointing out snark and sarcasm is totally cool.~ You’ve probably seen it used lots of places, and everybody already knows what it means.~

Another frequently ignored punctuation mark is the interrobang (interrobang). An interrobang is often represented with ?! because most computers do not display them with default fonts. As you may have guessed, interrobangs are used to denote intensive questioning, or a question asked in an exclamatory way. Interest in the interrobang has grown sharply over the last few years, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing them more and more often.

Do you have a favorite little-known punctuation mark? Tell us about it in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.~

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