Guy’s Tantrum For Macaroni And Cheese Goes Viral [Video]

macaroni kid

Maybe he was just really craving some macaroni and cheese? One UConn student was suffering from severe ‘hangriness’ (more like severe inebriation). Luke V. Gatti was caught on camera trying to purchase macaroni and cheese at the Storr campus’ Student Union. However, he was refused service because he openly carrying and drinking an alcoholic beverage. When confronted by a manager, the 19-year-old went into a tirade. The footage has gone viral and shows the student become physical with the manager. Ultimately, the police arrive and Gatti is arrested. The viral video was uploaded to YouTube on Monday night and is quickly gathering views.

Warning: this video contains strong language. So, it might be NSFW.

An anonymous witness called 911 after Gatti became physical. He was charged with second-degree breach of peace and first-degree criminal trespass.

“Upon arrival police saw Gatti being detained by Union Street Market employees,” the police report said. “Police took Gatti into custody and learned through statements that Gatti had been refused service due to drinking alcohol in the market. After being told to leave several times, Gatti refused and became verbally and physically abusive with staff. Gatti shoved the manager several times before he was detained by staff.”

According to authorities, Gatti is scheduled to be in court on October 13. He also may be punished by the university.

“Generally speaking, any UConn student found to have violated the provisions of the Student Code may face penalties imposed by the Division of Student Affairs that range from probation to expulsion,” UConn spokeswoman, Stephanie Reitz said.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t Gatti’s first run in with the law. He was arrested twice in 2014 while he was a student at a different university.

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