NASA’s #MarsAnnouncement: The Internet Reacts To Water On Mars

water on mars

NASA had everyone abuzz today when it announced it had made a huge discovery about Mars. Could it be? Did they finally find life on Mars? As the rumors spread, everyone prepared for the big #MarsAnnouncement. Finally, NASA spilled the beans.

“Strong evidence of water on Mars.”

Quickly, many began criticizing the announcement. All the hubbabloo for “strong evidence of water.” Apparently, the Internet wanted some Area 51 stuff. #MarsAnnouncement was trending on Twitter and some of the reactions were pretty hilarious.

The alien memes guy made a pretty big appearance on Twitter. Because, I mean ALIENS!

Another prevalent theme of jokes was about the severe drought in California.

But, really people. They didn’t find that much water on Mars.

And even if they did, the water is salt water. California has plenty of that.

It was a big day in space news, just yesterday we witnessed the super blood moon eclipse. Some say Mars just wanted the spotlight back.

Then, there is always that person that makes things into some political commentary.

Of course, no one could overlook the fact that this big Mars announcement was coincidentally perfectly timed with Friday’s upcoming release of The Martian, Matt Damon’s new flick.

The film’s Twitter account has some fun with the idea.

Even, Matt Damon had some fun with the irony.

Of course, NASA was asked if the announcement was meant to time up with The Martian’s release and their answer was no.

“No, the timing was dictated by the publication of the Nature Geoscience article, which was released today,” Laurie Cantillo, a NASA spokeswoman told Yahoo News.

While the timing was simply ironic, The Martian director, Ridley Scott explained that they did work extremely close with NASA.

“They loved the adaption of the screenplay,” Scott said. “They thought it was fun and mostly accurate. When I showed them the film, 40 guys saw it in Washington from NASA, and one muttered, ‘Maybe this will help with the reprogramming and the refinancing [of the U.S. space program].’ I mean, he was partly joking, but that was very nice.”

Partly joking.

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