2Day FM Facebook Page Receives Angry Posts After Prank Call Results In Suicide


Facebook can be a nightmare for people who say or do something wrong and in the case of two radio presenters the outlook isn’t good. Mel Greig and Michael Christian work for 2Day FM in Australia and they thought it would be funny to prank call a nurse about more information regarding Kate Middleton’s condition.

Mel and Michael got in touch with Jacintha Saldanha and posed as Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth. Jacintha was quite shocked about the whole ordeal that fooled her and following the viral prank she was found dead from an apparent suicide. Jacintha leaves behind two children.

Because of the prank users have flooded the 2Day FM Facebook page with many angry posts criticizing the disc jockeys and ordering that they be immediately fired.

Here are just a few of those responses:

“Way to go 2day-fm! If it was the girls job that was taken away, that in itself would have been tragic. The fact she took her own life due to your employees is criminal. Hope these idiots get the punishment they deserve and take responsibility for the tragedy they have caused. Pair of idiotic tools.”

“Hope you are happy Mel Greig. Yes people are responsible for their own actions -BUT it is ONLY your action that resulted in this woman’s suicide. She was going about her life working to support her 2 children . It was your prank that killed. You are disgusting and her death is YOUR FAULT!”

“WHY DID MANAGEMENT NOT TERMINATE THESE EMPLOYEES? Let’s hope the regulatory authorities now remove the licence from this radio station that has finally proven it can not be trusted to be a responsible broadcaster.”

One Facebook user by the name of Veronica Romeo Ripepi had a different perspective on the unfortunate situation:

“I am sorry to hear of the nurses death and feel for the family, however to put the blame on the 2 djs who are most prob distraught is a bit hard!! For one most thought it was funny until this happened. I don’t listen to these djs and don’t really like any of the pranks an of the show dors, however due to the media making a big deal of it I did rehear it and you can hear they are shocked they were put through and told of her condition, they did not think it would go that far. I think the nurse had more issues then this prank, and the hospital should train and support their staff more.”

The 2Day FM Facebook page posted a public apology and the two presenters have stepped away from their show until further notice.

Update: As of December 8 2012, 2Day FM has deleted their Facebook page.

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