#PotterItForward: Fans Send Love From Between the Pages

It’s said that there are some loves that are simply meant to last forever. And yes, the saga of Harry Potter is one such a love. A good number of you readers out there have grown up with the books, the movies, maybe even the toys and the theme park (gasp!) No matter the language, the age, or the headcannon or the ship, in the iconic words of J. K. Rowling: whether you come by the film or by the page, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

I’m not crying; you’re crying.

Now dry your tears, good friends and fellow Potterheads, because it’s time we passed on the torch to a brand new breed of readership. and they’ve done this, not with grand gestures or great feasts or much fanfare, but quietly. Subtly. Intimately.

Very much like a heartfelt note left between the pages of a Harry Potter book.

The #PotterItForward movement was born on the hub MuggleNet.com, as devoted fans began sneaking in notes sharing their experiences, thoughts, and feelings toward the treasured series for future readers to find them. the notes were tucked into library books, donated books, bookstore books — every sort of Harry Potter book one can imagine. It was like finding a tiny gift slipped between the pages.

There’s only so much concentrated love, encouragement, and thoughtfulness that one can be exposed to before one dissolves into a mushy pile of tears. So go ahead — why not #PotterItForward?

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