A World Divided: Football Or Soccer? [Video]

Football, football, futbal, soccer…? No matter where you live, everyone loves to cheer on a team sport. But, that’s where our questions arise. It’s a world divided: football or soccer? Maybe you’ve never gave it much thought, you can appreciate both football and American football. Maybe your a diehard fan of one of them. Wherever your loyalties lie, one video has summed up the facts on both popular sports.

Produced by Top Eleven, the video breaks down the stats of the football and American football.

Two sports connected by the same name, but completely different. It’s Football vs American Football. First of the all, the narrator explains that American football belongs to well, America. While, football belongs to the World. That’s sounded a bit biased, and based on the narrator’s accent, we know which side he is on…

The first fact that the video examines is fans. The numbers make sense for his previous statement of which was the world’s sport. Football has an estimated 3.5 billion fans. That means every 1 out 2 people on this planet would rather watch a soccer match. American football fans account for about 400 million. That’s definitely a smaller fan base, but as a native Texan, where football reigns supreme, I can definitely say those 400 million can get pretty extreme.

OK, so football has more fans. The world, 1. America, 0.

Now, speaking of fans. America gotcha beat. The NFL boasts a bigger average attendance with more than 68,000 fans per game. However, there is one football team that gets a higher game attendance, Borrusia Dortmund. They have more than 80,000 people at their games. Still, overall America wins. World, 1. America, 1.

Speaking of stadiums, the biggest goes to futbol. Barcelona is home to the largest stadium. It is so big, it can fit the population of Liechtenstein twice! Pretty impressive. So, World takes the lead yet again. World, 2. America, 1.

Then, the video starts to break down the aspects of the game. When it comes to speed of the ball, football wins. Kicking a ball makes it go faster than throwing. OK, well the World gets this one, but American football takes the cake for the farthest throw. World, 3. America, 2.

When it comes to running speed, there is a close tie. American players run impressively fast. Yet, soccer players seem to win the race. They also win when it comes to the distance ran per game, six times more than the average NFL player.

Just in case you are still keeping score, World, 5. America, 2.

When you add up the fact, things continue to look like a loss for American Football.

In America, the ball is in play only 18.3% of the time. Leaving about 82% of downtime for fans. In Football, most of the time is spent watching… football.

World, 6. America, 2.

Professional footballers play on average 5 years longer than NFL players. Their average career length is almost 5 years longer too. Also, an average Premier League players gets paid way more than an NFL player, let’s just leave it at that. Of course, the highest paid player goes to footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. World, 9. America, 2.

Well, this American is still a proud fan of the NFL.

These facts were brought to us by Top Eleven, a new app that can make you the star of your very own sport career. Become football manager and create some football stats and records of your own. You can get more information on their website, topeleven.com.

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