Pink-Dyed and Distressed Kitten Rescued

In the last few posts, we’ve covered a mysterious case of a pig and its blue-dyed fat. Now, the animal in question is of a feline persuasion, and its unusual coloring is no mystery.

A cay was dyed a violent shade of pink and put on display at Isa Town Market in Bahrain. 17-year-old Bilal Aslam spotted the distressed cat, neglected and left to suffer with very little food and much less water in the heat, and posted the pictures on Facebook.

PAY--Pink-CAT (1)The pictures of the kitten, nicknamed “Pinky”, reached the country’s SCPA animal charity, and they responded immediately with an intervention to rescue the hapless cat.

Pinky is presently being cared for at a nearby veterinary clinic.

“She has been given a thorough veterinary examination, but our vet has some concerns over a possible allergic reaction to the dye that was used,” shares Mahmood Fharaj, the chairman of the charity. “Our next task was a thorough wash to remove the dye. Unfortunately it will take a few more washes before she is back to her normal colour.”

PAY-Pink-CATOn top of the dismal care given to the kitten, Aslam feared that the vendor had used wall paint to color the poor creature, perhaps in an effort to make the kitten more appealing to passers-by.

Aslam told the Gulf Daily News: “There was a pungent smell about it and it looked like it was slowly falling sick. There was no food given to the cats and they had only a little water to survive the heat.”

After the incident, animal wellfare activists will now been keeping a sharper eye on the market where Pinky was rescued for other untoward incidents of animal abuse.

Thanks to Aslam’s quick thinking, Pinky is now safe and will be rehomed once all the dye has been washed off, truly a second shot at a happy life.

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