Get To Know Your Top 10 Pinterest Users

Who’s the Queen of Pinterest?

If you were ever curious about the most popular and influential Pinterest users, look no further than, which lists the top pin-fanatics in order of popularity.

Not only can we learn a thing or two about what works on Pinterest from these profiles, the site gives us the opportunity to follow these top users ourselves and see what all the hubbub is about. Here’s something the site doesn’t offer – profiles of each top 10 Pinterest user!

No. 1Joy Cho/Oh Joy!

Joy Deangdeelert Cho is a graphic designer, blogger, and food enthusiast who launched her own business, Oh Joy! in 2005. She regularly updates her blog, which covers “inspiration design with a focus on my favorite things: design, fashion, and food.” Los Angeles-based Cho has 80 boards on Pinterest, and over 12,000,000 followers.

No. 2Bekka Palmer

Brooklyn-based Bekka Palmer describes herself as “a designer, studiomate, tattly magic maker, and food lover,” and is actually a former contributor to Oh Joy! (above) who runs a running blog, an etiquette blog, and a photography gallery through her website, She has 38 boards on Pinterest, and over 8,000,000 followers.

No. 3Maryann Rizzo

Maryann Rizzo is an interior designer based in the Northeast US, and says that she hopes her Pinterest boards will inspire her followers to design, cook, garden, entertain, dress, and travel in style. She hosts a whopping 245 boards on Pinterest, and boasts just over 8,000,000 followers.

No. 4Bonnie Tsang

Another “foodie,” Tsang describes herself as a single mom, lifestyle photographer, and traveler. She keeps a lifestyle blog called b for bonnie, hosts 42 Pinterest boards, and has nearly 7,900,000 followers.

No. 5Jane Wang

Jane Wang doesn’t say much on her profile, except that she’s from a place I’ve never heard of called “Chinstrap Penguin, Antarctica,” and has her profile picture set to … chinstrap penguin. Well played, Ms. Wang. Whatever she’s doing, it seems to work. She has 193 boards and just over 7,500,000 followers.

No. 6pejper

From Stockholm, Sweden, “pejper” is a Swedish lifestyle blog run by “Sophia and Anna K.” You can follow the blog here, but it won’t be of much use to you unless you speak Swedish. In any case, pejper has 59 boards on Pinterest, and over 6,800,000 followers.

No. 7Molly Pickering

Molly Pickering of San Antonio, Texas, runs a popular Pinterest board with 13 boards and over 6,700,000 followers. Plus, she’s pretty cute. Her description contains a ubiquitous lyric: “oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream.” You get a cookie if you can identify the song without Googling it.

No. 8Jan of Poppytalk

No, “Poppytalk” isn’t the best town name you’ve ever heard. It’s a Canadian design blog, populated with art and handmade goodies. Based out of Vancouver, Jan boasts 113 boards and 6,700,000 followers.

No. 9HonestlyWTF

San Francisco and Los Angeles-based “HonestlyWTF” dedicates their Pinterest boards to “anything extraordinary” that makes them say “Honestly…WTF?!!?!” Operated by Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny, HonestlyWTF has 25 boards and nearly 5,500,000 followers.

No. 10Olya Bastet

Woman of mystery Olya Bastet only says “Be yourself. The world worships originals,” but that message has genuine appeal worth 5,100,000 followers on 27 boards.

There’s the top 10 Pinterest users. Congratulations on the quirky creativity and quality offerings that got you where you are, ladies!

Dusten Carlson
Dusten has written for web and print and currently spends his time working on his upcoming graphic novel. He is also almost 30 and still has all of his hair.


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