Spotify Announces 20 Million Users, 5 Million Paying Subscribers


Spotify has quickly became a top music streaming app and today announced 20 million total users with five million paying subscribers. One million paying subscribers are out of the US with one million paying subscribers being added in the past year alone.

There are now 1 billion playlists and 4.7 million are called “Love.” The numbers were revealed at an event being held jointly in New York and London. Daniel Ek, CEO and co-founder of Spotify, also announced new Follow, Discover, and Collection tabs making their way to the app.

Users will be able to follow artists, more easily discover artists, and better organize their music. Instant Preview has also launched and with a simple click you can listen to a quick preview of an artist to see if you’d like their music.

The Follow, Discover, and Collection tabs will be rolling out on the desktop version of Spotify over the next week. Support for mobile and and the recently introduced web app will come sometime next year.

If you aren’t a paying subscriber, you’ll still get access to the new features.

New music is being added all the time. Daniel says that Spotify is adding 10,000 to 20,000 new songs each day and has paid a total of $500 million to record labels.

Mike Stenger

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