Teen Thinks Tape Player is iPhone Dock

Oh, technology. It’s best not to get too attached to any of it. Pummeled by the combined forces of capitalism and Moore’s law, new technologies rapidly spring up and replace existing ones. Even still, we can’t help but cringe when the younger generations interact with our gadgets wrong. ‘What exactly IS a beeper? Or a fax machine? Why don’t you just text them? Or send an email, or something?’ One car dealership in New York is having a bit of fun with the idea of dated technology, after a teenage customer apparently tried to use a newly purchased vehicle’s tape deck as an iPhone dock.

The young driver pulled into a Lockport, New York car dealership and complained that his car’s iPhone dock wasn’t working properly. In fact, it had scratched up his iPhone. The problem, of course, is that the car the teen purchased was way, way too old to have an iPhone dock. It was actually a good, old-fashioned tape deck.


Setting aside the fact that a tape deck’s design would make for an awful iPhone dock (with it jammed so far up in there, the thing would be impossible to use for music), you have to wonder how this teen didn’t consider the vehicle’s age. It becomes clear what happened, however, when you consider iPhones have been around since 2007. That’s right. The first iPhone was released eight years ago. So if this kid was ten years old in 2007, he’d be around 18 now. He may have gone his entire life without ever really encountering a tape deck, especially considering CDs largely replaced them by the year 2000. Heck, he may be a little iffy on what a CD actually is, considering digital music has been slowly overtaking physical copies since 2005 or so.

Put simply, if this makes you feel old; it’s because you’re getting old.

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