Social Media Jobs for September 1, 2015

Ever wonder what people really think of your brand? When trying to connect on social media there are some potholes to avoid. This Guardian article breaks down a research project which examined consumers’ feelings when it comes to brand interaction on social media.

Get September off to a great start with a new social media job!


East, US

New York, NY

Associate, Social Media at the Estee Lauder Companies

CRM & Social Media Specialist at Sony Music Entertainment

Princeton, NJ

Social Media Manager at Bank of Princeton

Central, US

Detroit, MI

Social Media Analyst at Meridian Health Plan

Grand Rapids, MI

Director of Social at Meijer

Ann Arbor, MI

Social Media & PR Specialist at Domino’s

Minneapolis, MN

Social Media Associate for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx

Chicago, IL

Social Media Specialist at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Olathe, KS

Social Media Specialist at Garmin

South, US

Austin, TX

Social Advisor at Electronic Arts

Dallas, TX

Social Media Manager at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

West, US

Portland, OR

Social Media Strategist at Sparkloft Media

San Francisco, CA

Manager, Social Media Marketing at Pottery Barn

Marketing & Social Media Associate at RangeMe

Redlands, CA

Social Media Manager at University of Redlands

Santa Monica, CA

Social Media Manager at Beachbody

Los Angeles, CA

Social Media Manager at


Social Media Content Writer at



Social Media Manager for a content marketing agency



Social Media Executive at Detail 2 Digital



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