Fox Reporter Freaks Out Over Hovering Bug On Live TV

Aaah, live morning news TV. Where would we be without you? Early risers love you for your sparks of unexpected comedy and hijinks, and this particular one has got us bugging out.

Fox News’ weatherman Brad Willis reported live from one of the waterfronts of San Diego on the extreme heat wave plaguing the city. However, it seems heat wasn’t the only thing terrorizing this man.

A rather large bug (we’ve voting it to be a ladybug) hovered around the reporter, seemingly curious to investigate what was going on. Willis’s astonishment and some swift ducking put some distance between himself and the flying insect.

Watch the live news’ bug shenanigans below:

That face he made, though.

Things would have been all fine and well — if only he weren’t on live national TV as it happened. It all got caught on camera, and the anchor team back at headquarters gladly played it back, and again in excruciating slow-motion, for their audiences at home to enjoy.


Hang in there, Brad. You got this.

Of course, every newscaster going live wants to look cool in front of the camera. Just, well, not this time. We don’t blame Brad for getting spooked by this insect — it is, after all, by no means tiny. and we could very well be wrong — what if it were a nasty, mean-spirited wasp, and what if Brad Willis actually had an allergy to insect bites? His dodging and ducking kept him inches away from what could have been a week of excruciating pain and humiliation in a hospital bed. That certainly puts things into a different perspective for all of us.


Yes, and we saw it. We saw it all.

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