Video Portrays the Fears of POC Because of Police Brutality

Michael Brown.

Trayvon Martin.

Kimani Gray.

These are just three of the many victims of police brutality that demand justice be served on their graves and the violence stop. The pang of loss and overdue retribution still haunt the families they have left behind, and their communities will not stay quiet. Artists like Janelle Monae and the Wondaland crew are speaking out, writing songs, and taking this issue to the streets, and even if they be silenced by the media, their voices will still be heard.

Police brutality has become so rampant that it’s enough for persons of color to feel unsafe in the presence or gaze of the very officials who have vowed to protect and serve.  Trust us, these fears? they’re not without good reason.

Police brutality is becoming a serious problem in the United States, and no American can afford to keep mum or turn a blind eye to it and keep their conscience intact. Police have taken their authority to exact unfounded punishment and excessive violence on individuals from reasons ranging to simply walking around in a hoodie, to racial discrimination and stereotyping, to forcing people to buy fundraiser tickets or risk getting their car towed. Enough is enough. clearly, something has gone very, very wrong. Something needs to change.

Sure, not all police are like this — but there are too many of them like this for it to be alright.

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