Watch this Student Parkour Her Way To Class

Quick! You’re back in high school, just walked through the gates of your school, and the bell rings. you know that your teacher for first period locks the doors  on latecomers, and you’re five minutes away from a one-way ticket to detention. What do you do?

A) Get stuck to your spot like a deer in headlights and watch your short life and the rest of your future flash before your eyes;

B) Shrug, and head for the library to catch up with your homework or go scroll through Tumblr; or

C) Sneak to the cafeteria for second breakfast, elevenses, and other excellent excuses to chow down?

This schoolgirl found an Option D): Parkour her way into class like a boss.

Watch the video here:

This intrepid student is none other than 17-year-old Miwa Oba, dubbed by some as a “climbing genius”. The above video is a TV ad for Plala Mobile’s unlimited mobile Internet, and has racked up to 1.4 million views and counting.

Miwa Oba is more than just a kawaii face, and to dismiss her as such would one serious mistake. This teenager started her climbing career at the tender age of nine, and won a national youth climbing competition at the age of thirteen. A year after she won an Asia youth competition, and then took third prize at a world youth competition at the age of fifteen. (#lifegoals)

With all her achievements, Oba still keeps her climbing game on point with a lot of discipline and dedication. Her daily regimen of finger pull-ups maintain the strength of her fingers enough to support her body weight. This powerhouse has the gripping power of 40 kilograms (about 88 pounds), which more than 1.5 times that of most women in her age group.

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