Woman Uses Facebook To Try And Sell Daughter [Video]

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Facebook pages dedicated to letting users post items for sale has become a common trend on the social media outlet. However, followers of one Albuquerque, New Mexico merchant page found something completely disturbing for sale.

One woman is being accused of posting a picture of her daughter with the caption, “My daughter. $200,” on a group page called, “Facebook Garage Sale and a Place to Share Up Coming Events.”

While some speculated it was just a joke, many took the post seriously and commented on the post.

“I would feel pretty sad for the daughter, I mean that’s just awful,” said one person.

Another said, “Who would do something like that and especially of your family?”

New Mexican authorities say they are looking into the matter and have began a thorough investigation.

“This is a first to see it on Facebook,” said Anthony Maez, Commander of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force for the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office. “This is a big concern of course. The way the ad reads, it’s a post and to us, we would view this as possible human trafficking.”

A local news station also looked into the post. KRQE News 13 was able to contact the mother and send her a screenshot of the post. She says she has no idea about the matter. Her daughter also commented on the matter, saying her mother’s Facebook page and been hacked.

An investigation is still underway.

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