Eter9 Learns Your Personality So You Can Have a Social Media Profile When You Die

Eter9 is a new social network that promises social media immorality by posting on your behalf after you die.

u22934564here are many proposed paths to immortality, but few have taken the approach of Eter9. The social network analyzes your post history and learns your personality and interests so it can post on your behalf after your death. The service also lets deceased users rate posts with “smiles”, similar to Facebook’s likes.  So if your Eter9 activity consists mainly of posts about TV shows or movies, your social media ghost will keep that kind of posting up for you after you’ve kicked the bucket. If you post mostly positive, uplifting, or “motivational” style content, so will your AI counterpart. If you’re really into minions, that will unfortunately be your legacy.

You can also meet your AI counterpart while you’re still alive, and have the option to control how much it posts for you when you’re logged out. Henrique Jorge, the project’s head developer, says the site is currently in beta testing with about 5,000 participants, but notes more are joining each day. He also says the eventual goal of the site is to learn from your social media behavior across all platforms.

“We are trying to create an AI system that learns faster from other networks like Facebook, as the ETER9 information at the moment is quite small,” Jorge said.

In a similar vein, the website seeks to collect “your thoughts, stories and memories, curates them and creates an intelligent avatar that looks like you.” The goal of this project, also in beta testing, is to act as a “library” documenting the feelings, opinions, stories, and memories of people for future generations to enjoy.


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