Instagram Photos Will Soon No Longer Appear On Twitter


Instagram is having a falling out with Twitter and will be disabling Cards integration which allows images to appear on the website. The news came about when Twitter posted the following message on its Status blog:

“Users are experiencing issues with viewing Instagram photos on Twitter. Issues include cropped images. This is due to Instagram disabling its Twitter cards integration, and as a result, photos are being displayed using a pre-cards experience. So, when users click on Tweets with an Instagram link, photos appear cropped.”

Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, confirmed the news at Le Web that integration has been disabled and will soon completely cut off the ability for photos to be displayed. Kevin said that it makes more sense to direct users to the photo site and he did not say when photos will no longer appear on Twitter.

Photos posted through Facebook, Tumblr and Foursquare will remain unaffected.

Both companies are wanting to better control the user experience with Twitter cracking down on developers and Instagram recently debuting Web Profiles. News of Twitter rolling out a new image search and rumors of photo filters being added to their official ap likely haven’t helped ease tensions between both companies.

In the meantime, Instagram images will still appear on, but won’t display as nicely as before.

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