Real Life First Person Shooter Takes Over Chatroulette

The Chatroulette community got a chance to play a live-action video game, thanks to an independent film company.

070576-glossy-black-3d-button-icon-alphanumeric-letter-rrealm Pictures is an independent film company “founded on the belief that independent film does not have to compromise itself in terms of scale and visual impact.” They’re certainly living up to that mission statement. As evidence, we offer this incredible hybrid of short film and first person shooter video game, which put users of the video chat site Chatroulette at the controls.

Pretty amazing. But how was it done? Check out the behind the scenes video.

Realm Pictures released their first feature, “Zombies”, to critical acclaim in 2010. They believe independent studios can do anything big studios can on a shoestring budget.

Anything that can be done by the big studios can be done with a fraction of the budget and manpower by those who are willing to work hard enough. The Underwater Realm, the studio’s most ambitious project to date, was almost entirely crowdfunded.

The films “tell the story of five times throughout history that mankind has caught a glimpse of a strange race, doomed to forever wander the ocean floor. Set and shot almost entirely underwater, the team recreated five different time periods, developed their own underwater lighting and speaker systems, built a spitfire and a life size, fully articulated gun deck of a Spanish Galleon.

“Every step of the production has been documented via a weekly video blog, followed by the project’s thousands of backers worldwide. During the month of December 2011, Realm Pictures embarked on ambitious fundraising campaign to raise $60,000 and gave themselves 4 weeks to do it. Not only was the total reached but it was smashed with an incredible $101,611. Backers include: Chris Anderson – the founder of TED, and Sylvia Earle – TIME magazine’s first ‘hero of the earth’.

“Since the release of the films on Christmas Day they have reached half a million views and been seen by industry fans such as WETA Workshop’s Richard Taylor and acclaimed Director Kevin Smith.

“Realm Pictures continues to grow from strength to strength and has a number of new projects in development, which will continue the companies vision of exciting, new and innovative stories that break boundaries and introduce people to worlds they never dreamed of.”

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