Social Media Jobs for August 20, 2015

Wish you could ramp up your social media videos? This article offers examples of brands doing some pretty good stuff, plus shares current trends that should help you nail your next video.

On to the jobs!


East, US

New York, NY

Social Media Manager for a global beauty brand

Web Content/Social Media Manager at SOS International

Social Media Strategist at Promgirl

Social Media Marketing Manager at ShopBop

Media Analyst – Digital & Social at the Ad Council

Boston, MA

Social Media Producer at CBS Boston

Central, US

Chicago, IL

Digital/Social Media Coordinator at the University of Illinois

Ann Arbor, MI

Social Media Producer at the University of Michigan

South, US

Richmond, KY

Social Media Content Strategist at Eastern Kentucky University

Clearwater, FL

Social Media Specialist for a non-profit organization

Miami, FL

Social Media Coordinator at South Motors

San Antonio, TX

Social Business Strategy Lead at the United States Automobile Association

Austin, TX

Social Media Manager at Favor

West, US

Seattle, WA

Social Media Specialist at Julep

Portland, OR

Social Media & Communications Specialist at Smarsh

Las Vegas, NV

Social Media Coordinator at the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Social Media Content Specialist at VHS Consolidated

Pleasanton, CA

Social Media Specialist for an IT data storage company

Los Angeles, CA

Part Time Social Media Editor at RYOT News



Social Media Officer at Confederation College



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