Social Media Jobs for August 19, 2015

Social media platforms continue to evolve, and new ones seem to be constantly emerging. Wonder what might be the next big site? This Forbes article takes a look at seven potentially hot ones.

Just because a platform is hot though, it might not be the best for your business. This opinion piece from a PR agency head explains why you want to focus your social media efforts.

Here’s your list of social media jobs for today.


East, US

New York, NY

Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager at Nestle Nespresso

Brooklyn, NY

Social Media & Content Marketing Manager at Tough Mudder

Boston, MA

Social Media Mixologist at Drizly

Cambridge, MA

Marketing Manager, Social Content at HubSpot

Central, US

Cincinnati, OH

Social Media & Content Specialist at Lithko Contracting

Chicago, IL

Social Media Marketing Specialist at DialogTech

St. Louis, MO

Social Media Coordinator for the St. Louis Blues

South, US

Lexington, KY

Manager, Digital Content & Social Media at the United States Equestrian Federation, Inc.

San Antonio, TX

Social Media Specialist at Christus Health

West, US

Chandler, AZ

Social Media Director at 5 Fold Marketing

San Francisco, CA

Social Media Associate at Silicon Valley Bank

Social Media Analyst at Engadget

Social Media Manager for a marketing agency

Los Angeles, CA

Head of Social Media & PR at

Diamond Bar, CA

Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator at Liferay

San Bruno, CA

Social Media Manager for an e-commerce company



Social Media Coordinator at



Social Media Community Manager for a communications agency


Social Media Manager for a digital marketing agency


Part Time Blogger/Social Media Assistant at Ann’s Cottage



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