Feeling Lucky? Here Are Some Celebrities You Could Meet On Tinder


Tinder is known for setting up singles with other locals looking for a date. It has led to hilarious first date stories, free food for hungry ladies and inspired several Tinder-style apps. But, now something even more incredible could happen to you while swiping through Tinder matches. You could be matched up with a celebrity. It’s true, many celebrities have created their very own Tinder profiles. So, just what Hollywood hunk or starlet could be one swipe away? Here are some celebrities that have mentioned they just might be using Tinder…

Katy Perry

Perry on Tinder

The ‘Dark Horse’ singer has been very open about her use of Tinder. After a nasty breakup with fellow music star, John Mayer, Perry says she has been using the app to find her next boyfriend. Now, don’t get too excited, she is quick to add that she is extremely busy and doesn’t have a lot of time for dating.

Leonardo DiCaprio

While the men go crazy for Katy Perry, here is something for the ladies. Leonardo DiCaprio, Mr. king of the world is allegedly obsessed with Tinder. A known womanizer, DiCaprio uses the app to find women to hook up.

Often spotted with random women, DiCaprio might be on the Tinder prowl right now!

Hilary Duff

This actress/singer is no stranger to Tinder. In fact, she was very public about creating her Tinder profile. Many have speculated that it was more of a promotional gimmick for her latest album. It seems Duff used every social media channel to plug her latest project. Remember her Reddit AMA? Even one her music videos features her going on Tinder dates.

When asked if it was all just a ploy, Duff had this clever reply:
“I’m really on Tinder. But I’m not actively using Tinder. So many people I know are on Tinder. I was so intrigued by the whole thing. It’s addictive. I’m getting on this! Why not?”

Still, fans continued to criticize her video for having mention of Tinder, so she released a Tinder-free version. We aren’t sure if that makes it any better…

Britney Spears

britney on tinder

It’s Britney, bitch! No, really. The pop queen was coerced into creating a Tinder profile after an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show. It doesn’t seem as if she is very active on it though, the profile actually looks more like a perfume ad than dating profile.

OK, so this one isn’t ‘really’ real… Fallon created the profile as part of a sketch for his show. Spears appeared as a surprise guest to help. It is actually pretty hilarious as the freshly-single Spears discusses the pros and cons of dating her. Check it out.

Dave Franco

Yet another celebrity that began their Tinder existence due to a late night talk show. Franco appeared on the Conan O’Brien show and said he had no idea about Tinder. However, it seems he had created a profile before the show’s appearance. Like Spears, he appeared in a comedy sketch for the talk show.

Eric Stonestreet

This one may come as a surprise. Stonestreet is known for his very gay character on the hit TV series, Modern Family.

Stonestreet GIF

However, in real life, he is quite the ladies man. He is very open about his random hookups with women and use of Tinder. During an appearance on the Howard Stern Show, he admitted to using Tinder to meet one-night-stands. In fact, he would even change his profile depending on where he was. He even shared the story about a Tinder match from the previous night. Apparently, he began chatting with a woman from Tinder and he was asked if he hooked up with her.

“No because I was coming here early in the morning and we started texting at 10 o’clock last night and at 11 o’clock she reveals that she was down and I’m like, ‘I gotta go to bed! And I’m telling Howard that he cost me some p*ssy last night!’”

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